Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

At the Hedrick Law Firm, we know how challenging it can be to deal with Social Security disability claims – the timing requirements, extensive paperwork, and time-consuming process.  Trying to deal with that while also living with a disability makes the process that much more difficult.  You need an attorney experienced in Social Security Disability law who can take you through the process, ensuring all evidence necessary to support your claim of disability is obtained and provided to the Social Security Administration, and who can represent you at hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Statistics show that approximately 70% of claims are denied at the initial level of consideration.  Without an attorney going forward, you are left to fight several more levels of appeal, including a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  At the Hedrick Law Firm, we understand the problems you are facing and have many years of experience in handling disability claims.  In fact, several lawyers in Oklahoma refer their Social Security cases to Melissa Hedrick for further handling in the Federal District Court and beyond, if necessary.

Hiring a Social Security disability attorney is not a decision you should take lightly.  Unfortunately, there are firms in Oklahoma who take on hundreds of individuals seeking Social Security disability and claim you will be represented by an attorney, only to have a non-lawyer represent you at hearing.  When you hire a firm to represent you in a Social Security claim, hire a firm where you will not only meet the attorney from the get-go, but who will be with you through the entire process (and who you can actually contact by telephone).

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