Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Accidents

Nearly 5,000 pedestrians are killed every year in pedestrian traffic accidents, and another 70,000+ are injured as a result of such accidents.  This means approximately every two hours a fatality results from a pedestrian traffic accident, and approximately every eight minutes a non-fatality injury results from such accidents.  These numbers do not include accidents occurring on private property, such as parking lots and driveways.  (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

With the number of distractions available to drivers, including cell phones and other mobile devices, pedestrian accidents are only likely to increase in the years to come.  Unfortunately, even where a pedestrian survives the impact of being hit by a vehicle, the injuries sustained as a pedestrian are often catastrophic, life-changing injuries, including brain injuries, spinal injuries, paralysis and broken bones.  With these types of injuries, it is imperative that you have someone on your side fighting an insurance company that is working to keep your recovery as low as possible, or worse, trying to exclude any recovery on your behalf.

During this traumatic time in your life, or the life of a loved one, the most important thing you should be doing is focusing on recovery, not hoping you are handling the insurance claim properly and effectively.  Now is the time to contact the Hedrick Law Firm and hire an attorney who is dedicated to helping you get your life back on track and who will work diligently to ensure your case is properly handled to establish liability, prove damages, and obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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